Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm Coming Home!

Hey family! So here we are. Last email, I feel like there are big hopes for the last letter so lets see what we can do. It was actually a pretty fast week. Also kinda felt like it was my funeral for a week. No wonder they call going home dying. We had a goal of getting 5 people to come to church this week leveraging my going home and stuff. In order to achieve that we did some interesting things like house around the church and just introduce ourselves as the neighbors and talk (as neighbors as much as we could) neighborly about what happens in that big white building next door. Didn't end up with anyone coming to church but yeah. I felt it was still good. So I guess I will get the depressing stuff out of the way. So today was transfer calls which I have been looking forward to because I was excited to see Elder K get a bean and all that. Well the zone leaders got the call first and so we heard about everyone else first and that was ridiculous. Huge changes! Some we knew about. Majority had no idea and seems to have no idea why. Then we got the call. The Assistant (not president makes these calls which is weird to me) talked to me and.....well yeah. Then it goes to Elder K so we are all excited listening in to hear about his new comp and........*You are being transferred to Oyumino!* There was just perfect silence as we heard that. WHAT THE HECK! Not just that there are no elders come in our place. They killed my companionship. So yeah. This week was fun. We had splits and stuff and then Saturday they want returning missionaries to deep clean their apartments so we spent a day cleaning and packing so that was interesting. This week probably wednesday I will head to Tokyo. Thursday interviews and temple meal with returning missionaries. Friday I meet you guys. After being on a plane forever! So yeah. I feel like I should have more to say but not really. I will talk to you this week anyway so yeah. I guess we will call that good. Love you. See you this week.