Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blind Soccer

Really no time today so no time to fix mistakes. Hello people of the Americas and people living on other other continents. Another week is behind us. It was an interesting week more than I would call it a exciting week but whatever works. We did various things. FHE with members and visiting a ton of LAs. Anyway. Elder K found his first potential investigator which was nice. I think it may have helped his faith some. Had zone training meeting which was nice not to have to stress about and just sit and listen. Also funny how small this zone is. Ok this is where it gets interesting. This gets us to Saturday. So since I got here I have been talking back and forth with this lady and trying to get our two schedules to meet. Well anyway we finally were able to get a time together on Saturday. Well the first thing that was weird was that she wanted to meet at a shrine but she is a female so we would have to meet outside anyway so we agreed to this. Well most shrines are inside but this one wasn't. So we go into this building and they give us visitor passes and we are walked through this place with a ton of incense buring and people meditating in the hall and lots of statues. So she explains her religions basic beliefs and talks about how you can be any religion and also her religion at the same time which makes no sense to me. Anyway, I was about ready to leave when she sat us down in this normal room and asked us what we believe and of course I cant pass up this so we gave her the 10 minute version of the restoration and she already has the Book of Mormon so yeah. And my goodness and then on the way out they gave us little care packages. And their book of doctrine in English. Then we went to the welfare center and played Blind Soccer which is exactly what it sounds like, playing soccer with no sight. First strange thing is that no one at blind soccer was actually blind. So this is how it works. You put a blind fold on and the soccer ball has like rock sounding things inside so it rattles when it rolls and then you have a seeing person who yells from behind the net to tell you where to go. Sounds hard right? Now try doing it with half your hearing gone in one ear! Actually surprisingly I could do it. Do I think the broken ear made it harder, yes but I still have directional abilities. And actually the majority of the time we helped the official Niigata team practice for their tournament next week so we were allowed to see. Way interesting though. Then finally yesterday. It was on my list of things to do before I went home and I did it. We went to Sado. That would be the island off of Niigata's coast. We woke up and 4;30, left the port at 6, arrived at 8;30, Took a bus and got to the church at 9. Adventure, right!? It was way interesting though. There were a total of 6 people there including the two of us and one non-member. They all have to give talks like every other week so they were way excited when we came and made us give talks. Sado is amazing though. Way beautiful, cool members, and goodish dendo. Kinda has always been a joke in this mission but way awesome. They have three or four potential investigators here. Thats more than I have in Niigata. So after church we just went around with the first councilor and we visited LAs and PIs and all that jazz. Way fun. So that kinda does it for this week. I got the birthday package this week so thanks for that. Still haven't opened the wrapped stuff but used some of the other stuff to celebrate Elder K's B-day which was yesterday. We will try to make it a fun day.