Monday, March 11, 2013


Hello family. I feel like this week was a busy week so lets see if I can find stuff to write about. Ok so I totally forgot to tell you about Bishop D. Well there is not a whole lot to talk about but yeah. He gave a nice little talk on temples and prophets at the member meeting. The poor AP got roped into translating the Japanese into English for the Americans there. Then the missionary meeting was nice. The bulk of the talking was by president and he didn't even talk that long. Elder Y and Bishop D didn't even talk. They just walked up together and said, "Lets do question and answer". Then lets see. Tuesday was our zone leader council activity the day before the actual zone leader council which occurred to me is actually not a church thing. So they have been trying to have us avoid the simple robotic things so we have done LA stuff, straight training, riding a subway, etc. So this time it was something called "Losting" which I would like to point out I invented. Basically the idea was that they would drive us around the city then at random places tell us to get out and then we have to get home by talking to people. Anyway so they start dividing everyone up for the splits of the activity and everyone gets matched up and I don't have a partner.....strange. Then the assistant looks at me and says,"And Elder Carter with be with President" ha ha ha. Funny. Except he was serious. Like I want to do splits with president!? Ha. So we drop everyone off and then we head out from the church as he is leaning over and saying stuff like, "I'm going to do nothing" "I'm just a junior companion" etc. This doesn't help. Just adds to the stress. So we walk down the street and I think, "Well might as well say 'Good evening' to everyone" so I start to do that and thats still not getting me anywhere then I see a lady walking two little pugs. Well I can work with that. So they try to attack me which is perfect. I call them cute and what lady can resist you when you compliment her dogs so I pet them and ask her where she is walking to and she answers with "You are people from that church over there" "Yep" "My friend is an alcoholic and I told him to go there(Side note she used a very condescending way of saying 'go' which I thought was funny when I learned this friend was not related to her and was like 50)" "Oh really? Did he?" "No" --insert more talking-- "Well can we meet your friend sometime?" "Sure....what are you doing right now?" "....going with you to your friends house." So we did. Met the man. He just restarted his life by moving across japan and started living with this lady (I think its some kinda boarding house thing because she lives with a lot of non-related people) anyway. We were in the middle of praying with them when another man walks in. Score! Anther investigator....not. Even president gave up on him as he started cursing us for being part of a religion that has a commandment against what we eat or drink. So near the end she tells president "Tell him he has to go to church (again condescending)" "I think better that 'Go!' is 'Come with me to church?' (this conversation makes so much more sense in Japanese)" So she agreed to it. Then president looks at me and says, "And elder carter will come here on Sunday and take you to church" Ha. So we did. Didn't go to my own ward but went with them to church which was cool. Anyway. Long right! So therefore I don't have time to write much more so you will get more next week. I think. This next week doesn't have a whole lot of events. Talk to you next week.