Monday, February 18, 2013

Earthquake safety training

Hello peeps. Lets see what kind of random information I can tell you this week. To be honest not a whole lot exciting happened this week. No real big meetings, no crazy big miracles, etc. Just plugging along. So as I already told you. No transfer for me or for my companion. The zone has a good amount of transfers going on which is hilarious to see the form they give us. Two page packed excel sheet of where people are going when and why. Ha. You thought my christmas light map was cryptic you should see these things. Anyway. We got fed twice this week which was good I guess. Its been awhile it feels like since we have been fed. We also had interviews this week with president which are always terrifying and a half but I think I passed and that he wont beat me too hard. He told me a little about the future transfers and how many people are going to be coming in. Its pretty impressive. Lots and lots of shimai. About double and the difference is mainly made up of american sisters. I got your package. Still haven't finished eating all the crap I got on Christmas so I think its going to be impossible to eat all this food ever. Just a random thing maybe father will like because hes into this city stuff. So in the recent earthquake trying to check everyones safety was a pain in the rear. The phones wouldn't connect so they found a new way. So in Japan if you called 171 you can leave a message for someone using their phone number and then they can call into this number and hear the message. This message thing apparently doesn't go down in disasters and from pay phones (Yes there are pay phones here) it is sure to work (Land line) So we wanted to test it. Kinda funny because we were all sitting there and get a email from the assistants. "Earthquake!!!!!" Ha. Took about an hour to confirm everyones "Safety" but it worked out. Pretty interesting. Did splits with H choro Saturday. That was fun. Don't work with other americans as much so I tried to use that to our advantage of being able to get people to pity us. So we went to the library and tried to get them to take our book of mormon for the library. They didn't take it because it is a religion book. They have Book of Mormons in the other libraries in the area. They all report to the same people. I talked to President about you guys and the grandchild that you hype up and leave to his parents. Ha. He just nodded and said, "Its the best" Ha. Anyway. Maybe next week we will have something more exciting. Until then....