Monday, February 4, 2013

A Blast from the Past

Hello everyone. Hows it all going. Hope your week was magical. I hope the super bowl continued after power outages and all that other worldly stuff. Lets see. They are not "mission slides" they are "mission pictures".......not the ice age. ;-) Lets see what we did this week. Again two splits which were funnish. I don't really like to do splits in my own area because it just adds to the pressure. Anyway. Did a split with Nagamachi district leaders companion which was good. We went to the stake president and asked for referrals and we got two which was awesome. Kinda suprised. But we went to this guys house and he invited us in and all that. It was cool. Weren't able to teach him anything but were able to set an appointment for this week to teach. Cool stuff. There's been a lot of focus in this mission with how to find. We go weeks upon weeks not finding anyone. 16 some odd million people and we cant find anyone. Little embarassing. Oh well. Then on Thursday we had another splits with...................................drum roll............................S choro!!!!! I have been looking forward to this split for months. Ha. It was way fun. Way blast from the past. He goes home in like 3 weeks and so this was our last chance to hang out. Of course that wasnt' the reason we did splits but it was way fun. Sometimes I forget how enjoyable it all can be. We went out to eat ramen (If you don't remember S choro is the king of ramen) which S choro ended up puking back out. Ha. Then went around visiting members and such. But the strangest and most fun was biked to an area. Said we would only talk to 5 people and then did "spirital housing" where you hold your hands up in the area and seek for inspiration? Blasphemy? Not quite, but yeah. We actually did find someone that seemed to have interest. Way cool. It was fun just to sit back and talk. I miss that guy. Really is like a father to me. Just want to make him proud. Kinda feel like I have failed him but yeah. Was able to hear that H choro is doing awesome so that made me happy. Then the next day we had a training from the assistants which was good. Then just kept moving forward. not a whole lot else to report. This week is zone leader council week again. Seems to come faster and faster each time. Anyway, love you all, talk to you later.