Monday, December 10, 2012

7.3 Earthquake

Ok so no time this week because the next people come to email in a few minutes.  Wow this week was busy.  

This Monday we had the regular day and then a birthday party for all the missionaries that have had birthdays in the last 6 months in Kamisugi which was funny because one of the sisters doesn't eat chocolate and those cakes were pure chocolate. Then the next day we spent basically the day prepping for all the zone leaders coming to Sendai for zone leader council and President recieved revelation on a change he wanted to do 5 hours before it began so that was fun to make the changes for that night.  Then we went to zone leader councils activity.  The activity was gonig around to less actives and such and just spreading christmas cheer and we got to drive around with Kaicho(President)  in his car and wow did I gain respect for the Nagamachi missionaries. Those are some of the longest and steepest hills I have ever seen in my life and they go up them everyday on their bikes.  

Then the next day actual zone leader council which is just pure information spat at your face. Then Eikaiwa that night. Trying to throw a bunch of stuff together for the next day which is zone training meeting where we have to teach our zone everything we learned the previous day and do training and yes I'm tired just writing about that.  Then a rest from that for the rest of the day.  

Then Friday we did a little streeting and then got a call from president asking if he can do weekly planning with us and of course you can't say no.  So we did that with him.    Anyway, he even biked from the hombu to our apartment which is pretty impressive. 

Anyway he leaves and and about 30 minutes later the phone is on the desk and it goes off but the picture is not the normal envelope saying email its a guy running which the second it occurred what it was the ground started to shake.  As you know it was a pretty good one.  Then we read the email and it said it was a big earthquake but we just continued with the sound of car alarms and the apartmenty fire alarm going off.  Then we get a mail from the assistants saying that Tagajo *area in our zone* has a tsunami warning.  This causes confusion because ishonomaki *different area* is closer to the coast but yeah. So we try to call and it won't connect, phones are dead.....well that stressful.  Finally get half way through and it says that the number can't be reached because of a disaster.  From there we had to get a hold of everyone in the zone to make sure they were safe but the phones don't work so we have to use this ghetto version of texting that only works every once in awhile but at this same time we suit up and start biking to all the members houses we can to make sure they are ok.  Ha.  it was an interesting night.  Anyway. yeah.  That was the most exciting thing of the week.  This week we have zone conference so that is stressing us out right now because there is no time to plan for it.  We will see how that goes.  Anwyay. No time. Love you all. Talk to you later.