Monday, April 9, 2012

Yay for Conference!

Merry Easter!

Let us begin our report.

So as for investigators.
"H"san. Basically the same as last week. We can't get through her shell and she just kinda sits there spaced off in lessons and doesn't keep commitments. Not sure what to do. Little by little I guess.

A so-so lesson with her. The biggest problem I think is our joint (sorry didn't explain that word earlier(although Mandy may know these terms....maybe)) cancelled on us like 2 hours before the lesson so we had to do it in the entry way which was just annoying and got in the way. I think she got tired of standing too. Oh well. All in all goodish I think.

Finally were able to teach her again and she actually progressed which is a first for me in Furukawa. Awesome. We had our branch president joint for that and he talked a lot about how Christianity and Buddhism came from the same place (crazy cool examples to be honest) which was super weird and took up a lot of our time but near the end of the lesson she just turns to him and says, "Finally this is something I can more understand and apply to what I know" Who knows, maybe he was inspired. She seemed to have her interest peaked.

Also a cool thing was Miura san and "T"san came to the morning session of conference. It was crazy, I didn't even realize Miura san had come until I was leading "T"san in. They left super fast after so I don't know what they thought but still cool.

Conference was of course awesome. We (Mead choro and I) watched it (time shifted (afternoon -> priesthood -> morning -> afternoon -> morning)) in the secretary's room of the church. Kinda weird just sitting there with our computer playing the DVDs while everyone was in the chapel watching in Japanese (hence we had to do the time shifting so they could have the right DVD). It was good though . One of the first talks we saw was Elder Holland. Talk about a super bold ending. Mead choro and I just busted out laughing at it. "Don't delay, there:s not much time. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen" Super bold! Love it. As for Easter celebrations.....we ate some Easter candy. Actually sort of forgot it was Easter to be honest.....whoops.

Now for random things. So in our district we have an American couple. Let me tell you how awesome that is. They made us taco salad for District meeting this week. SO GOOD. Ha. Never thought I would miss mexican food. There is absolutely none here.

Had splits again. This time I was with the new bean. 3 weeks in Japan and we taught "S"san together. Actually worked out pretty good.

So we had a Typhoon warning this week. I was a little disappointed, I was hoping for more but the wind definitely got more violent.

Ha. Little Atreyu has been spoiled by his own pool up until now. He doesn't want to share at the WCCC.

Well I hope your week is awesome. Love you, be good. Talk to you next week.