Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First week in Kamisugi as Zone Leader

Hello family.  So its been a ridiculously busy week over the last week but whatever.  Taken some getting used to to understand everything that is going on.  It reminds me of the general conference talk by Elder Uchtdorf.  All my branches have been like the old Piper Cub and now i'm in the Blue Angels jet.  Its way cool but terrifying.  I'm sure I will get used to it.  But yes there are 6 missionaries in this ward alone so that is pretty crazy if you ask me.  

But yeah we went through all the normal stuff.  Got all packed up. It snowed some more in Yokote so that was an adventure.  Went through various things there.  I think there might at least have been one person that misses me threre.  Our eternal investigator came to the bus stop to send me off which was nice.  Came to Sendai we joined there Eikaiwa  (there are actually people there.  Then on the ride back to the mission home Ohori choro filled me in on some of the stuff we had to do that night and off we went.  I was that night  calling our district leaders which one is my kohai in the MTC who couldn't believe that I would be the zone leader. Oh well.  Anyway.  From there its all been kinda a blur. 

The people here have a lot of missionary fire which is awesome.  Especially the Ward mission leader.  He has more fire then President Rasmussen ...... maybe. I still don't even know a lot of things that are going on.  Elder Ohori kinda just goes off and does his thing sometimes.  Oh well.  I will have more information though as the time goes by.  Every month president has a FHE at his home so that is tonight and we are going with an investigator so that should be fun. Never have had a chance to go but this time we can.  Yay.

Way funny that you are reading Lay choros blog.  He was the AP when I came in.......therefore he could get all those pictures.  Even if you are an AP you don't even see all the Churches.  So yes that would be a nice idea but yeah.  Also one of you mentioned a mission christmas party......we don't have those in Japane.  The only time the mission has gathered in probably years is when Elder Oaks came and that cost the church a couple thousand dollars easy to get us all there.  Sounds like Thanksgiving and black friday were basically a success which is good to hear.  What else is there to say about my life.  Not a whole lot.  Today I had to fight the governement because Yokote messed up the paperwork of me leaving so that and me writing another error on the paperwork made it so they kinda freaked out and worried I was trying to hide something from them.  Oh well.  I'm not in jail so thats good.  

Anyway until next week.