Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Can Email Again!

I:m back! Try as Japan will they can:t keep a nerd from his computers. Now I will be emailing from a slow way old PC in a run down library but hey it works and I:m happy. Miyaki choro is kinda mad I found it because it cuts into our time on p days but I have kinda decided he needs to learn that he is on a mission and needs to stop thinking about himself (maybe I just need to learn the same thing but techinically I:m following the presidents guidance, just guidance that I like to do. ) Anyway, not a whole lot of time today because I just read a ridiculous amount of emails which is awesome. Thanks for having the faith to keep sending them. You can probably stop with the real letters, they were fun while they last but yeah. Anyway what has happened in the last few weeks. A lot! Lots of random drama but mostly everything has just stopped. We were riding high leading the district and the zone for awhile (in Yokote none the less) and then everything fell apart! The last two weeks have been super weak. Not meeting with people etc etc. Also one investigator has been meeting us in secret and her boyfriend found out and freaked out so yeah that stopped her progress quick. Then the saddest of them all. Anyway, other that that our two *golden* investigators are a little sketchy. Met a ton but they love to learn but the whole repenting and changing thing is hard for them. When I say hard I mean they won:t do it. They keep going at this rate I:m just going to drop them. Sick of people that won:t change. Anyway. Those are the biggest highlights of the last two weeks. Next week will probably be a much more normal leter. So anyway, love you all. Talk to you later.