Monday, May 28, 2012

Knocking Doors

Another week. First full week of Chipman choro missionary work. So let us begin. Another slower week. We have been really focusing on trying to find new people so that has turned into a few 8 hour days knocking doors. Also a contributing factor was service. It was nice to be able to go do service again although it sounds like things with these organized groupings of services might be dying off because from what I heard the church has been fighting hard to get us into these services. Not sure why its so hard but I have heard they might just give up. Same old service as always. Picking up garbage. Nice to get together with all the other missionaries though. Always interesting to see how far you have come seeing all the "beans" being trained. I have heard it a lot but I'm starting to see it. This mission humbles people and shows you how prideful you are. Anyway. Heard from our member who referred H. san. H. san has continued to come to Eiakai so apparently after this few week break she called Sister Murata and said "Elder Carters Japanese is good enough now for me to start listening again....." What the what? I have improved that much?. Especially in that short time. Oh well whatever works. T. san. Where would we be without her. So on last Sunday one of our members apparently walked up to her and said, "So are you going to get baptized?" and she said "Yes" "Well in that case we should talk more about the church" "Ok" So she set an appointment with her without us there......thats weird. Anyway apparently T. san really liked it. Ha. Oh well. Then we had a lesson the next day and beat the subject of Baptism again. I'll be honest I almost feel like we talk about it too much. Set a new date for 6/16 so hopefully we can get everything in line for that. It was kinda funny at church though. In our pre-church meeting someone said she might not get baptized on that date and our branch president who jointed the last lesson just basically said, "No. She is getting baptized on that date yo." And then we had a person from the stake presidency there and he said something along the same lines and the member that visted her herself came over and said he was wrong and that she would be baptized. She really wants too. Just two more commandments and we are there. Companionship is going good. He's really sad about leaving Misawa with the air force base but soon we will persuade him into liking Furukawa. Ok so you didn't tell me about the triplets call to every part of Mexico. Thats way funny. The rice fields are pretty cool here. We have taken a lot of pictures with them. Yay for Rumple eventually coming out....maybe. Funny that that is the thing you talked about today father. We have talked a lot about asking questions in teaching lately. Well love you all. Talk to you next week.