Monday, April 16, 2012


What to say about this week? Hm. So I normally have a list of things to tell you about but this week I forgot to write it down. Oh well. Here it goes from memory.

Met with "H"san again. Same old same old. Although she gave us a referral.....kind of, she gave it to our referring member so we should hopefully get it from her soon. Oh well. She still is the same. Super talkative until we start teaching and then shuts off and tunes out. Not sure why. Also this week she finally told us that she lost her Book of Mormon before she even met Yamatani choro and I and therefore impossible every commitment we have told her to read which she said she would read. Therefore of course I offer a new one but no matter what we did she would not take it. Sigh. She asked me after the lesson and after Eikaiwa when she would be done with the lessons......horrible question. Maybe we just need to explain why were are here a little bit more. I don't get it. Anyway. Oh yeah dad she is in her 50s

"S"san we taught awhile ago. I swear I mentioned her. She had the husband that was buried in a Buddhist grave therefore became Buddhist. Said she would get baptized if her son got married. Anyway. Didn't meet this week hopefully next week.

"T"san is still pretty good. Couldn't get the joint with her this week again so that was too bad. He's really trying to be there though. She told us she would come to church but didn't so that was too bad but she did read about half the chapter we gave her to read. I about jumped up and down. Its been since Aizu since I've had a Q(investigator) read the Book of Mormon. Only time will tell. They all are moving so slowly if moving at all. We had one of our new Qs tell us after 5 or 10 years she could maybe feel it was the right thing to do to join the church. Grr. With that attitude no amount of time will work. As you said father they need to act.

Ok random story from a man we have met twice but still hasn't become a Q. Anyway. We call him up one night and he says we can come over. So we go over and we start just chatting and he is telling us about his job turning trash into energy and about the corrupt politics in places. I won't lie, it was fascinating. Anyway. That took a bit of time so we ran out of time and couldn't do a lesson but I was dead set on at least doing a prayer with him. So I ask if that would be ok and he said it would be BUT, he follows it up with, "What are you doing after this" "Going home and eating" "Therefore you are hungry" "A little yeah" "Well don't you know that prayers don't make it to heaven when you are hungry?" A bite of the lip supresses the laughter. Then he starts acting out my prayer going to heaven and falling out of steam. I lost it. Way too funny. The man loves to drink and I'm pretty sure little by little was getting drunk through our time together. Hilarious though! I didn't even fight it.

Anyway what else this week. Oh. We were riding out bikes this week and Mead choro's totally exploaded! So how do I explain this. So there are the back gears and there is a little gear hanging off the gears that when you change gears it moves and changes the gears. Well for some reason when he shifted this little wheel/gear assembly went inside his spokes. At this point at our cruising speed it has no chance and BOOM snaps in half. If you look at a mountain bike you might be able to see what happened. This is the third bike out of the missionaries that this has happened to. I'm worried for my bike.

So this one is for you father. So you always ask if we go anywhere fun. Well as a zone today we went to Matsushima. One of the top 3 most beautiful places in Japan! It was really cool. A lot of cool old stuff. Sent you some pictures so hopefully you enjoy them. Twas a lot of fun. Did lots of cool stuff etc. But one random story from it. So to save time we really didn't eat lunch but we bought what is called Curry bread. Basically bread with curry inside. Super good, probably super unhealthy. Anyway I'm enjoying my curry bread and waiting for the light to turn green when I feel what feels like someone slapping my hand. It was this big fat devil seagull. He knocked the bread out of my hands and his friends swooped out of no where and devoured it in 3 seconds flat. Then they flew off. By the end of it I was still in shock from the fact that I just got jumped by seagulls. It was so beautifully run by them. I was angry but also impressed. Anyway. Just saying. Japanese seagulls are crazy!

I got Beth's wedding announcement. First one to make it to my fridge. Crazy! Everyone is just getting married!

Yes there is a costco in Tohoku.....I think. There is also one in Tokyo area therefore the couple missionaries get to get it. They say its looks exactly like Costco but has all japanese stuff......except kirkland signature.

Congratulations to Kreigh! That is awesome!!!!!! Little Atreyu hopefully got some screen time in the credits! Glad he was able to do that. Sweet!

So I think that is it for this week. Love you all. Goodbye from tomorrow!