Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Consecrated Missionary

Hey peeps!

A busier week this week which was good.

Starting off, Hoshi san. We met with her again this week and really wanted to hit the importance of baptism and explain it a lot more this time. Normally our joint is way to bold and so we had kinda planned to pull her back but we got into the lesson and its completely opposite. She is going against everything we said. Sigh. We probably could have prepared her more for the lesson but it just blindsided us. *So hoshi san what do you know about the Holy Ghost? Have you ever heard that word before(one word in Japanese)?* Joint,*(scoffs) You two are Americans that grew up in this church of course she doesn't know about it.* (She has been to a catholic church before anyway and I don:t really care if the answer is no) *You can know for yourself that these things are true, but in order to do that you need to try it out and test it and ask God which can include setting a baptism date wit the help of God* Joint,*You are going way too fast! Give her some time* Hoshi san,*Oh....yeah yeah I think that would be good.* Us,*The book of mormon is evidence of this truth, we would like to invite you to read this chapter before our next visit and pray if baptism is right* Joint*Or just flip the book open and read* (really frustrated at this point) Me,*Or read what we invited you to read because it will be easier to understand* Sigh. I love you members but yeah.... Anyway that was really the only investigator we met with this week.

We also had zone conference this week. Awesome! Full of lots of events! So every zone conference there is a spontaneous role play. All the names of missionaries are put in a hat and then randomly pulled out and they role play with one of the APs in front of everyone. Well you can probably guess since I:m explaining this who got chosen. Yours truly! Also to put this in perspective again. The sendai zone which I:m a part of is 38 people. That is more than half the mission! I about peed my pants. Sister Rasmussen just started laughing when she pulled our names. Nevertheless we did it. and it was really good. We got papers with feedback from every missionary which has been invaluable this last week. Mead choro got a little scared I think so I taught about 95% of the lesson but he testified really good at the end which was good. Also I just stopped after 15 minutes because I had thought it was suppose to be 10 minutes and our zone leader just looks at me laughs and says, *5 more minutes* Oh well. Still good. Also its always great to hear from President Rasmussen. He talked about a few really cool things. 1. There is this thing called the Eyering Prophesy. So apparently like 12 years ago Elder Eyering came to the Japan MTC and in the middle of his talk just kinda stops and starts talking about how the work in Japan has stalled and that the next generations children are going to change all that. Then starts promising that a change will happen in the members hearts and basically they will turn into referral machine and the church will bloom in Japan. Then it ends with him also promising if the members don:t step up the word of God will be retarded. Super bold. But also inspring. Next thing. Keeping time in 3 ways. 1. Wake up and leave your bed at 6;30. 2. Leaving the apartment at 12. 3. Only having 1 hour meals....our members have been known for 3 hour dinners. Oh my talk about guilt! Even had the point more driven home with the testimony meeting after zone conference where one of the returning sisters just broke down crying and then told the story of her wanting to go home right after President Rasmussen came to the mission and the conversation they had with his not being able to speak Japanese and how even though it was a good thing she didn't feel much change until the end when they are saying their goodbyes and he asks *Sister, are you waking up at 6;30* *no president* and from there things changed. Crazy. Finally. there was a talk called *the consecrated missionary* you could probably look it up. Basically we were all challenged to give up stuff for the next 40 days and become consecrated. Not sure what I need to give up. Time will tell.

Anyway. Taken way too much time already.

We have met some goodish people this week, quite sweet.

My bike tire popped again last night. Sigh.

We watch general conference next week so super excited about that. Super jealous you have already seen it.

Love you all, hope things are going well. Talk to you next week.