Monday, March 19, 2012

Work with my new companion

Busy week. A lot has happened but still yeah we will see how much I can write.

So I figure you would be interested in this because you are always asking if I:m writing in my journal I finished my journal this week. So onto number two!

Ok so in Japan they separate their garbage a ridiculous amount. They are big into recycling. So the other day I go to take out the garbage (which you have to put a ridiculous far ways away) and I put it there and as I place it there I realize we put it in the wrong bag. The bag says its burnable but its full of plastics. Oh well, its plastic day so in the end all will be well. So I get half way home and I hear this lady yelling at me. Finally I realize she is talking to me. Rips into me for putting the wrong trash there. I explain that the bag is wrong. after a little discussion I give up. This whole having to keep the churches image good thing is a little annoying at times to be honest. Sigh.

So it sounds like you got access to Sis. Rassmusen's blog, you are welcome. ;-) We were at the honbu for final interviews for Yamatani choro and I threw that into the conversation and she let me invite you to it. She apparently is super surprised with how everyone is finding out about it. She didn't even know missionary moms existed. She also had me fix some things on her computer. It was like being back at home with mom again. ;-)

So this week we have this LA(less active), part member family (kids aren:t members) that we always visit the "M"s. The little boy really doesn't like us but loves soccer and so does Yamatai choro so finally we were able to play soccer together. It was super good I think. The kids love us now. Granted the whole time all his friends were laughing at me saying that the american can't play soccer but I haven't played in forever and super hard in a suit. Also annoying because they don:t have real fields here, just sand fields.

Also we participated every morning this last week with seminary. Holy cow is that rough. Its a good thing I didn't have early morning seminary, I would have never gone. 1 week killed me. Also its super hard because they spend the whole time reading really hard japanese. For some reason the teacher expects us to know it. Not sure why. We didn't go today though. Not sure how often we will go. I think Mead choro and I would just become obstacles with our can:t speak japanese state.

Ok as for investigators. So "H"san we met with this week. We didn't have a joint member but her friend that she stays with when she comes to Furukawa said we could teach her there as long as we understood he had no interest. So when we get there we are surprised to find our referring member there too. She then gets chatting with this man and there goes our lesson. Sigh. Members kill me sometimes. She wants to meet with "H"san the same way again too. Sigh. Also apparently "H"san was kinda mad that we had set the baptism date before so we will probably have to move slower with her. Met with "T"san. That was good. Really sounded like she was going to come to church but didn't. Also this week she can only meet once and our usual referring member joints are not here so that is annoying. "M"san came to church after sacrament meeting yesterday. She always wants to study with everyone in the normal classes and will never let us do a lesson so that is super annoying because she just gets frustrated I think. Sigh. I don:t know what to do with these people.

Mead choro is cool. Its interesting to be with an American. His Japanese is quite good so that is good. He lived in Price. He knows Celsie and Lauren (lived in Logan too). Super strange there. Yeah. Still pretty early in our companionship. still learning lots of stuff. Yeah you are going to probably hate that much of a explanation but still thats all I've got now.

I think that will do it for now. Hope all is well with home. Good luck with the wedding plans. Oh yeah, holy cow Mandy is getting married. I had had this thought already in my head but still. Kinda stinks to know that I won:t be there for the wedding and still have never met this man but everyone seems to like him (especially mandy) and seems like a good guy so I guess thats just one of the sacrifices of a mission. Sigh. Happy for Mandy though. Getting so old! Ha. Love you all. Talk to you next week.