Monday, March 5, 2012

Short and sweet

So this is your 3 minute update for this week. Sorry its not the long one dad was hoping for.

I keep forgetting to tell mother this. Awesome mother and this 5k!

Finally got the ward package and yes mother your signature was not there. Really did take a month without priority postage. Interesting.

Oaks choro was pretty awesome

So quick update.

"T"san came to church this week with her little boy. Super good. Really hopeful for them. Still a lot of work we need for them but yeah.

"H"san we did not meet with but her relationship is still good. Have another appointment this week.

Thats basically it for updates on investigators. It was kinda embarassing to show the ward council a progress record with 4 names and hadn:t met with all of them. Oh well.

Hopefully next weeks letter will be longer and better. I will know my new companion then. Although we may not have much time because Yamatani choro will have to pack.

Only time will tell. Love you.