Monday, January 16, 2012

Japanese Cocoa

A lot to say today so let the randomness begin.

So the other night we were housing and we get to this house and I introduce myself and I get the *You don:t speak my language* look I get often and then he says *Churchie? Churchie people?* And this man is Indian (from India) so next step *Oh you speak English* *Eh....English bad* Oh so you don:t speak english or Japanese....this is a first. We then spend the next five minutes (Yamatani choro and I) acting out our purpose. this includes me acting like god as he prays to me, acting like reading a book, a lot of pointing to the sky. Not sure where we thought we were going with all that because if he wanted to be taught I:m not sure what we would have done. Ha. Anyway it was kinda fun. And yes random.

I received your letters this week! Surprise! I greatly enjoyed them. Even the rebuking of father. Ha. Thank you.

So I was chatting with one of my district members at district meeting and apparently their ward mission leader dendoed(proselyted) in japan before and Elder Oaks came. When he got part way through his talk Elder Oaks stopped. He said you're not worthy, you're going home* What the what!!! Ha. Everyone is scared of him coming now! We aren:t even sure if its a true story. Freaky.

I really have felt some growth in our companionship in this last week. Although its bad when you look forward to companionship inventory I think. Although it is funny with a foreign companion. Both of us speaking in the others language until we run out of words and look it up on our dictionaries and show each other. Ha. He has some good improvement points for me too that are right. I swear its the Carter curse to not be able to talk on a mission. Anyway, continue doing the best I can.

So lately I have been calling people on the phone. Still actually something that Yamatani choro doesn:t have a problem with but I hate calling people on the phone in America in English let alone in Japanese telling them how they should live their life. It's like housing but more intrusive. Although I think we have gotten some good results from it.

Something that Yamatani choro does like and is pretty good at is cooking. He will cook food for like an hour and a half (we only have an hour to make and eat the food ). I have decided I just don:t have patience to cook like this. I pull rice out of the rice cooker. Throw on some mayo (don:t judge me) and eat. Simple. Fast easy.

Something about japanese people. They are super blunt about fatness. Its been a couple of times that people have seen Yamatani:s introduction picture where he is much more skinny from being in sports and they will say, *Oh wow, you surely have gotten fat recently.* What? Took me way off guard the first time I heard it. Not only to Yamatani choro but I have heard numerous uses. This scares me with all these carbs i:m eating. They are going to judge me.

So we biked almost to Kamimachi (maybe you will be able to find it) in the blazing cold wind to meet a LA(less active). Anyway we have a lesson and oh my goodness. I have never known a member could have so little information about the church. We go over lesson one and we get to the atonement and she asks *what is that?* Not a surprise, who really does have a lot of deep knowledge about the atonement. Anyway, trying to make her feel smart I ask if she has heard the word. Nope. Joseph smith she has heard about once or twice. Has no idea who prophets are. Then she told us that Christ:s church is the Catholic church. We then proceeded to point out that we weren:t members of the Catholic church. *Oh....thats true isn:t it* Hopeless! Her house was super cold so she made us some cocoa after. A quick note. Japanese cocoa is kinda not very good in my opinion. Anyway back to the story. So i smell it and it smells weird, taste it, tastes kinda disgusting so I stop drinking it. Yamatani choro also seems skeptical of it so he asks her what it is. *Cocoa* Ok, all set to go, I don:t care if it tastes bad I:m drinking it because its hot. Take a drink. Yamatani choro takes a sip then just shakes his head and says, *This is coffee isn:t it* She proceeds to laugh and laugh. *Yes* What!? Never thought a member would give me coffee then lie about it. Sigh.

Just a note. It is super cold and super windy here. Like unbearably so. We have become inventive in our apartment dendo(proselyting) because its so cold.

Also a note. Japanese people don:t have central heating so everywhere is cold.

So when I was in Aizu everyone told me (other missionaries) that I would hear all the crazy tsunami stories there because they were still affected by the earthquake. Nope. Here is so much worse. These people were the people literally running from it. Have cars swept away. Living in the church off food storage with no electricity. The impact that it has had on these people is crazy. The look on there face every time the smallest earthquake happens. Crazy I tell you.

Dad will be interested in this. Japanese people are freakishly skilled at peeling oranges! Like four perfect parts all connected and barely any of the white stuff still attached. Don:t know how they do it.

So we have taught old old Q last monday and then today. Has a baptism date for 2/5/12. Might actually make it. Kinda super cool. Also found 2 other investigators this week which was awesome. Sorry. I used all my time talking about unimportant stuff and kinda didn:t leave time for the investigator discussion. More on them next week.

President Bangerter's thing was awesome. Someday I want to grow up to be like that man.

I went to the ear doctor today. Thats an email in of itself. Anyway. Their test was a little different and harder than the before one. Didn:t really get them to fax the results (too annoying) but I got a copy which I will copy and send to the hombu(mission office) and then they will fax it so the doctor should get the results in the next few weeks. I will also send a copy in my letter to alyssa this week probably so make sure she gives that to you. Then.....well yeah. Maybe next week follow up with the doctor and if he hasn:t got the results when you receive if from alyssa send it to him.


Well thats all for today I think. Love you all. I:ll write a more coherent letter next week.....maybe. I make no promises.

Also a note I will probably just cycle the memory cards. When I receive one the old one will get thrown in the next letter to Lyssa.I figure since I:m already sending a letter to Washington every week I don:t lose anything if I just send it right away.

Yep. Talk to you later.