Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

Elder Carter and "Y"

Broken pedal

From the top of the Aizu castle

Hello Family.

So nice full kinda frustrating week.

Ok so first things first, Y.

So Friday and Saturday we had splits with the Zone Leaders and since our District Leader is Fukata Choro and he has taught Y before he can:t interview her. Anyway. Worked nicely so that he could do the interview. Of course she has to walk and had some other things so she was like an hour late. Not a good sign. So it was during FHE so I couldn:t really focus the whole time but anyway like an hour and a half after it starts the interview finally finished. Y comes down the stairs and she is laughing away. Yes! Success! But then I see Shinno choro who doesn:t look so thrilled and pulls the ZL into the kitchen. I quickly follow. So heres the gist. He felt like she needed more time. Which to be honest I don:t have a big problem with. But the problem comes in the *Why?* The answer we get is. *Well I want her to stay active after she gets baptized and I think she needs more fellowshipping by members* Pretty frustrating to say the least. Yes I need to respect his authority but and I will. Of course she is not perfect. She could improve in a lot of ways but personally I think she is keeping a higher standard of worthiness right now then many members of the church. So basically we are just going to make him interview her again when he comes for Fukata choro:s investigator and just continue to help her grow. She has the desire, she is worthy, she just needs to do it.

Pretty slow week otherwise. Had splits, that was interesting and actually quite helpful. U and H are good. Probably will be committing H to baptism next week. She can easily do it if she comes to church and is willing to go against her.....boyfriend, and probably would have to move out.... sigh. Ok she has a ways to go but she has the desire to follow Christ and seems to be willing to do a lot for it.

Kinda spent a lot of time with Y so not a whole lot more time to email.

Sounds like all was fun with the holidays. Have yet to eat most of the package you sent but I will get to it. Just try to savor it as much as possible. Hope the holidays are good with you.

Ok homework people, anyone that reads this letter here is what I want for Christmas:
Tell me what my talents I can use when contacting people are. I have no idea what they are and it would be useful to know.
If possible by letter, conversion stories, how you gained a testimony about a specific commandment, etc (Pizza man hitting the car with tithing for example)
Stories are helpful but I:m realizing I don:t have a lot. Shinno choro is always trying to milk them out of me but I haven:t been challenged much with those.

Thats it. Simple.

Love you all. Enjoy you Christmas! Ha.