Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SPY (Speak Your Language)

Editorial note: These are being taken from handwritten letters from Kyle. So the interpretation may be a little off. (Kyle is not known for his handwriting skills.)


So much to say and it has only been a few days. Elder Clayton (my companion) is a good guy. Can't remember if I told you but he went to Snow Canyon High School, so 3 of the four of us in the room are from the St. George area.

So much different than expected. SO many rules and no oversight! First off though, it was awesome to get so many letters and the package (my district enjoyed the cupcakes). I earned the name Cupcake Choro (Elder Cupcake). I got a total of 9 pieces of mail that day! Anyway to bigger and better things.

So this is what I learned. My district is part of a pilot program where you start SYL (speak your language) from the beginning which normally doesn't happen until after week 3. So the Senpai (seniors) were a little worried about us. Speaking of senpai, they are the bomb! I thought they would tease us or something buy they are SO helpful. I have had some awesome talks with them and they have helped us with the language.

Anyway, so guess what!!!??? I taught my second lesson today! Oh wait....Did I forget to say...the last two lessons were in Japanese with a person that wouldn't speak any English? Intense! Our first lesson went awesome other than telling her God loves some kind of food...we aren't sure what kind. Also today, we committed her to pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true and she asked if she should do it now and without thinking I told her yes...so she prayed right in front of us. It was awkward and a half! Didn't help that Elder Clayton started laughing when he realized what we did. So i was repeatedly saying "your prayer was good" in Japanese of course. It was bad.

Anyway, Elder Clayton and I have been doing good. He is much more athletic than me and also he sometimes just burns out or is hard headed. So sometimes we test each other. All part of the experience. Anyway, I'll email on Friday hopefully. Love you and talk to you later.

Elder Carter